Yes, you can job search in December!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

December is a time when budgets are being approved and people (namely hiring managers) are away on vacation. December is also a time where there are jobs that still need to be filled!

You can absolutely find openings on many job boards (77,467 jobs in New York, NY as of now on Indeed) or for that dream nonprofit you want to work for...

Be strategic! Take some time and plan out what your career will look like. A good way to start is to find that dream job at the dream company and figure out if you can do that job and spell it out for the hiring team in your resume and in your cover letter.

At Recruit Petra, we make sure that you are prepared to interview by providing mock interviews, resume edits and advanced research on the company you have an interview with!

Take a look at our career page If you don't find a job you like (yet), submit your resume. Once we receive an order to fill a job that you may be interested in, we will contact you immediately!

Happy December and happy job hunting!

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