What Makes A Good Resume

A good resume is one that’s easy to read and quick to show what you do and why you should be interviewed by the person reading it.

It’s not a legal document, but rather a marketing document (Although you should not lie on there). With that in mind, here are some quick tips for writing your resume.

Font Size

Keep it at 11/12


There are lots of alternatives to Times New Roman. Cambria, Garamond and Ariel come to mind. But no Comic Sans, please!


Look at the jobs you are applying for. Are they asking for someone with 5 years of experience on average or 15 years? Market and edit your resume accordingly. With that being said, keep your resume short and sweet. 1-2 pages is more than enough.


When possible, quantify your experience. Example: Increased x metrics ( increased instagram traffic by 20%) within x months (within 6 months) reads more powerfully than created instagram posts and stories.

Other Items

  • There is no need for an objective. Rather you can create a 1-5 sentence summary discussing your skills and expertise or you can skip it and get right to experience and education.

  • References upon request-no need for that sentence as well.

  • Lose the graphs and charts and keep it simple.

  • Apply using a pdf or docx document.

If you need additional guidance, let us at know at info@recruitpetra.com or visit or booking page to book a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile review today!

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