Time is Money So Hire a Professional

Even though my wedding was a low key and inexpensive affair, I knew that the photos would last forever. I didn't attempt to study YouTube tutorials because I had other things to attend to like finding a great deal for the honeymoon. I booked an appointment at a chain beauty store and let the professional makeup artist do all the contouring, pick out the shades and apply how many layers went on my face that day. I looked stunning, had access to products I wouldn't have purchased otherwise and saved myself time and stress. I would say I'm frugal, but I know when I need to spend money to get something important done right.

Why am I telling you all this? Because there is nothing more important than having the right people at your organization. But recruiting takes time and lots of it. There are also a lot of factors out of your control such as who will apply if they are entertaining other offers and having the time to manage the process to ensure a great candidate experience.

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I created a calculator that shows you roughly how much time in minutes you spend on recruiting activities. If it's too much time for you while you are busy with other equally important tasks, hire a professional like me. I have recruited for hundreds of positions with hundreds of hiring managers across different types and sizes of organizations. Let me worry about the ghosting, if the job description is inclusive and reference checks. All you need to do is email me at info@recruitpetra.com to get started.

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