The Search Process at Recruit Petra

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

When you choose to partner with Recruit Petra, you are getting a high touch retained search service for a flat fee of $5,000. Nonprofits pay only $500. With a six month guarantee! We also offer temps and interns at only a 60% markup.

See below the four phases of our search process.

Phase 1: Identification

A top priority for the recruiter during the identification phase is to help you clarify and develop a consensus about your goals and expectations for the new team member(s) you wish to hire. We ask probing questions about technical skills, soft skills, culture, the team, and leadership to craft a thoughtful job description and to identify an ideal candidate profile.

Phase 2: Finding Diverse, Talented Candidates

For each of our clients, Recruit Petra carefully develops a unique search strategy that considers how to promote the position and taps into our existing network to see if there is a suitable match. We use a blend of creative strategies to market your nonprofit and the position in the best light.

Phase 3: Candidate Evaluation

Once we identify and recruit qualified candidates, they are evaluated through extensive in-depth interviews. The recruiter will present a pool of candidates to you after they have been through the evaluation process and can demonstrate that they fulfill the expectations and requirements established during the identification phase. We set up the interviews, follow up with you, collect and provide feedback to you and the candidates. We also work closely with candidates to make sure that they maintain interest in pursuing the role and that they are aligned with your organization’s missions and goals.

Phase 4: Selection

After you complete all the necessary interviews, we conduct reference checks, background checks (if need be) and facilitate the offer package for the candidate you select. We offer a six month guarantee and will conduct regular check-ins with you and the candidate to ensure mutual confidence.

Choose Recruit Petra to partner with you on your next search!

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