The Recruitment Process..In A Nutshell

One of the more frequent questions I get from clients is what is your process?

At Recruit Petra, our four-phase search process is extensive and thorough.

We do a deep analysis of the position, find a slate of excellent diverse talent, evaluate them and ensure mutual confidence. After that, we check in periodically for the duration of the six-month guarantee as needed.

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But what exactly is the recruitment process at a company?

The traditional recruitment process is comprised of several steps, but the core steps are:

  • Preparing the requisition, getting approvals and advertising the position

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Screening candidates, which involve interviews and assessments

  • Making a decision and selecting

  • Hiring the candidate through an offer letter and the negotiation phase

  • Onboarding candidate through HRIS/paperwork

All these steps involve planning and time. If you want to know many minutes it takes you to recruit, use this calculator here.

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