The Boolean String Is Not Dead!

Updated: May 18, 2020

The spraying and praying method is not the only way to find great candidates. Actively sourcing candidates plays a big role in finding excellent candidates.

I have seen a lot of articles stating that the boolean search is dead, but it is far from the truth in my case and a lot of recruiter's cases.

A boolean string search is a search where you can type keywords and modifiers like AND, OR to get more refined searches. Let's say you are searching for an administrative assistant in NYC. You can go on LinkedIn Recruiter and use the search functions there, or you can use a LinkedIn Xray tool that gives you a google search of candidates by displaying their LinkedIn profiles. A search like that with the tool looks like this:

I love to use Hiretual, RecruitEm, and RecruitmentGeek (not paid to sponsor, just love these tools). Happy hunting everyone!!!

# candidatesourcing # sourcingtools

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