The Best Time To Hire Is.. NOW!

Hiring the right talent is one of the most important things a company can do to help it achieve success. Whether you need teachers, bookkeepers, admins, IT, fundraisers,etc.. now is the time to hire if you can. With jobless claims over 6 million and climbing; dedicated talent that wanted to stick with their manager and were working to achieve growth have been laid off.

As a recruiter, courting passive candidates for an opportunity presents challenges. The candidates may look like a great fit skills-wise, but are so loyal to their current employers and managers that they want to leave for a raise or a higher title. These amazing employees are now being laid off.

If you are looking for a star candidate to help you achieve your goals and want to give them a place to grow, contact me at We work on a retained basis and strive for a perfect and true match between the hiring manager and candidate.

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