The Best Time To Become An Entrepreneur... Is Now

If there was ever a time you wanted to make a go of owning your own business or having a side income, this is it! I wrote this post to combat the feeling of sadness when I saw a "hiring is down even in healthcare" report this morning.

Thanks to technological advances, social media, and a robust internet, it is cheaper than ever to freelancer, advertise, learn how to sell, learn how to create. Yes, hiring is down. But you know what? Let me hit you with some inspiration.

If women in North Korea can sell balls of rice and husk during their great famine in the 90s, transform an entire regime and make money, imagine what you can do now from your home. The plethora of resources online, instructional videos for free, discounts, etc.. that are available should provide you with enough knowledge to get you started.

The rest is on you. You have to be motivated, have a winning service/product and stick it out. But yes, this is the time!

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