Reflecting on Office Politics

Now that you are working from home, take this time to think deeply about your current situation. Do you like your workplace? Do you see yourself growing there? Do you like the people you work with?

Do you have to partake in office politics that are harmful to others? If you are fed information about a "lazy" or "problematic" employee, consider the source. Is this person known to gossip? Is this person vying for a promotion? Is the "lazy" or "problematic" employee pregnant, disabled, a certain ethnicity, religion or over 40? If so, you are being used and partaking in illegal activity. Even if that employee is problematic, don't join others in harassing them, it is only harmful to your career, your reputation, and your self-esteem. That same company that you are putting your reputation on the line for may turn around and lay you off during this time. Stay professional at all times and protect your brand.

If you are a victim of office politics, do not isolate yourself. Make sure to address the rumors/issues head-on if it will not cause additional problems for you. Either way, leave immediately. The company may beg you to stay, that is only to prove that they are doing everything possible to retain you if you decide to pursue action. A lot of toxic companies have gotten protected members of its workforce to leave due to harassment, gang-mentality and using the experience as a bonding mechanism. It will be very hard to change this type of organization or even prove that workplace harassment is happening since a lot of people will be on it. Take it as a lesson you had to learn and look for another job while maintaining integrity and professionalism. Don't let this experience ruin your chances of getting another job. Stay positive and professional at all times. Please know that this has happened to a majority of workers across the world, so you are not alone. From entry-level workers to seasoned executives, almost everyone has a story about negative office politics.

When you seriously start to look for another job, treat it as a part-time job. Carve out space in your calendar to ensure that you are applying. Use the schedule send feature in Gmail to apply during weekends but send out emails to recruiters and hiring managers during weekdays. Make sure to grab a copy of my free job search toolkit which has tons of actionable items to help you with your job search! Good luck and feel free to reach out to us if you are job searching or looking for talent.

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