Refining Your Company's Recruitment Strategy

One of your main challenges as an employer is finding the right talent to hire. But many companies, especially smaller ones without a formal talent acquisition team, rely on very basic recruitment strategies. Post an ad, select the best of the candidates who responded to be interviewed, and then, hopefully, hire one of them. When that’s not working, they may engage a recruitment firm to help.

But this is not an actual recruitment strategy. The competition for talent is so tough, that even talent acquisition teams for larger organizations are too busy sourcing candidates. There’s little to no time left for formulating an actual recruitment strategy.

The first step to evaluating your recruitment strategy is to be sure you actually have one. How long do your positions stay open before they are filled? How many candidates do you interview before making a hiring decision? What percentage of your workforce is sourced through internal referrals, job board postings, or through active sourcing by internal recruiters? If you don’t know the answers, you don’t have a recruiting strategy.

When recruiting, it’s important to think of two things, quantity, and quality. You need a balance of both. Quantity without quality brings about mediocre results at best. But quality without quantity leaves you vulnerable and with few options. What if the candidate you’re interested in accepts another offer?

There are however things you can put into place to help your strategy.

Having A Talent Community:

A talent community is a way for a candidate to send you their resume if there aren’t any openings, but they want to work at your company. This allows organizations to constantly build talent pipelines. Organizations can stay in touch with potential employees, former contractors, and past interviewees that want to be considered for opportunities with the company. One way to do that is by having a dedicated job vacancy on your career page, just for candidates that don’t see a job they like or integrating that into your ATS.

Video Cover Letters:

We use MyInterview for candidate video cover letters to present to our clients. The use of video offers companies the ability to screen a larger number of qualified candidates. Without the burden of scheduling in-person interviews, they can cast a wider net. Candidates that may have been put in the “maybe” pile in a traditional process, might have the opportunity to record answers to interview questions and impress an interviewer.

Employee Referrals:

Your current employees are going to be your best advocates. Be sure they are posting about job openings on their personal social media accounts. It is almost more important than posting on your own! Also, don’t forget to tap into the alumni networks of your most successful and tenured staff. It’s a great way to find talent at various levels in their professional careers.

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