Questions to Ask Before Recruiting

When recruiting for a position either on your own, with your in house recruiter or with an agency recruiter, as a hiring manager you need to understand the need for the position, what the position entails, recruitment logistics and how to set the new hire up for success.

There are many resources available for writing a clear and concise job description and ensuring that the language isn't exclusionary.

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When recruiting, be sure to have a plan and do your best to stick it to it. That can come in the form of a kick-off call with a recruiter or answering questions to gain clarity for your search.

These questions should cover:

  • A Candidate Sourcing/Job posting plan and budget

  • Recruitment timeline including check-in schedule

  • Interview process established and interview team

  • Leveraging personal networks and social media

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the search process

  • Qualifications, experience, and competencies

A sample kick-off call agenda looks like this:

  • Why do you need to hire for this role?

  • What’s the structure of your current team and who will your new hire report to?

  • What are the main responsibilities that your new hire will have?

  • What are the top three contributions this new hire will make to the company within their first 90 or 120 days?

  • What qualifications are must-haves for candidates? (e.g. X technical skills, experience with Y projects, Z certification or license)

  • What would be some nice-to-have skills for candidates and why? (e.g. experience in retail, familiarity with X programming language)

  • Is it necessary for candidates to have industry experience for this role? Why or why not?

  • What software should your new hire be proficient in?

  • What are your dealbreakers and why?

  • What’s the salary range for this position?

  • Beyond our standard employee benefits package, are there any additional perks and benefits related to this position? (e.g. sales bonus)

  • What’s the working schedule for this position?

  • When do you ideally want your new hire to start?

  • How do you plan to assess candidates during the hiring process? Will you give them a written assignment or a project?

  • What’s the career trajectory for this position?

  • What would this hire have accomplished in a year and a half?

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Happy hiring!

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