Just Keep Going (With that Job Search)!

Running a business is hard work. Finding a job is hard work too, (but we can help). I'm sure we've all had days where we think, "is it worth it?" -am I right?

When I am having one of those days though, I try to remind myself of the reasons I do this.

My 'why'.

So let me tell you why I do this.

Simply put, I’ve been there. And I’ve seen enough to where I can confidently say, I, Sally Mikhail; can and will do it better for my candidates.

How I've been there: a quick retrospective:

On the candidate side: I’ve been the ghosted candidate by both companies and agency recruiters. I’ve been the candidate that was underpaid and wasn’t advocated for by my recruiter or allowed to advocate for risk of losing the job on my end and my recruiter’s commission. I’ve done a video interview that got me got hired. I’ve been that candidate that went to an interview and had Spidey senses tingling left and right, but ignored that chalking it up to nerves. But I’ve also experienced what a great and comprehensive interview process looks like. I’ve met with hiring managers that respected my skills and my time and honored my salary requirements during negotiations.

On the recruitment agency side: I’ve been there, too. There were days where I was flooded with e-mails of resumes, no shows on shifts, no shows for my interviews and hiring managers that never got back to me. On the flip side of that, I’ve had the great pleasure of representing amazing candidates that I still keep in touch with to this day!

On the in-house nonprofit recruitment side: How can I forget the days of being hit with so many vacancies, trying to provide an excellent candidate experience while having a limited budget to post and source and to keep my hiring managers and manager fully informed? If I needed an agency for a hard to fill position, it would cost an arm and a leg for retained (almost the yearly advertising budget I had in one case) and contingency agencies sometimes couldn’t produce candidates on time and were also pretty pricey!

I’m so grateful for all my experiences, the good and the hard in recruitment. My why is to do the right thing for my clients and candidates.

What's your big 'why'?

What do you have to remind yourself of when you are having one of those days where you just want to pack everything in?

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