In The Spirit of Independence

Running a business is hard work. Finding a job is hard work. Recruiting is hard work. I'm sure we've all had days where we think, "is it worth it?" - am I right?

When I am having one of those days though, I try to remind myself of the reasons I do this.

My 'why'.

So let me tell you why I do this.

I run my own recruitment firm because I value my independence, creative control, and have been on all sides of the recruitment process. I have been through the process as a job seeker, a recruiter, and a client of a recruitment firm.

Almost everyone needs a job. It's an emotional process and a rollercoaster. Through my firm, I aim to make the process transparent, be prompt, attentive, and provide an excellent experience for both the client and candidate.

I also offer free resources via free ebooks and Apps to job seekers because helping someone get a job with or without me is a privilege.

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I also have a super easy and affordable Job Search Toolkit that makes the entire job-seeking process as easy as chewing gum for new grads.

That's my why. I add meaningful value for a living on my own terms.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Take time to reflect on your why and enjoy this amazing holiday!


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