Ideas for Celebrating Black History Month At Work

Happy Black History Month everyone! February is Black History Month and an opportunity to celebrate Black culture and history at work. Collaborating with your HR team and employees on programming will create an inclusive environment, an educational experience for your team, and demonstrate your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Get the company involved

Involving people from the group being honored is important but planning and executing the event doesn’t have to fall exclusively to them. It should involve the entire company.

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Guest Speakers and Workshops

Ask a black speaker from your region to speak to your employees. Topics might include working together, crossing cultural barriers or motivating your employees to think differently about people of other races and cultures. Creating a panel of business leaders from your community; ask them questions related to the business community, creating an accepting culture and how to be a culturally sensitive employer.

Use Social Media

Invite employees to participate in your black history month activities by posting about them on your Facebook and blog pages. Share information about black, businesses, or culture and relate them to the events you plan to hold to get employees interested in participating. Add quotes and facts from black leaders, both past and present, that reflect business beliefs and work together, to reinforce your business culture.

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