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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The world has been changing at breakneck speed for ourselves, our clients and our candidates. We have had internal conversations about how best to proceed not just moving forward for the short term, but in general, so we are better prepared and protected in the event of a "next time".

We catered exclusively to nonprofits when we first started out because we love the sector and have many connections in that space. We still love the nonprofit space, we have gained many more connections in the space and want to give back to them in a truly meaningful way. This led us to offer nonprofits our world-class recruitment services for only $500 per position.

Financially, we cannot sustain ourselves and our team of researchers, sourcers and admins should we exclusively continue to work at the aforementioned rates. Which is why we are using the other parts of our network and growing them as well. I personally got my start in the corporate world at Macy's, have recruited at LeFrak and graduated from Baruch College, a top-notch business school. With contacts in finance, banking, real estate, startup, tech, fin-tech, legal, streaming services, retail, and more; it makes sense for my company and ever-growing base of candidates to have access to more jobs across several industries.

We still want to charge competitive rates, which is why we have decided to become a retained search firm and charge only $5,000 per position. Why this particular number? So, based on the percentage model; if there was an admin or entry-level position paying $50,000, our old rates at 10% would have been $5,000. If we are hiring for a VP level at $200,000, our old rates at 10% would have been $20,000 with payment due after 3 months. For either job, we would have to pay for adverts and overhead out of pocket until payment is received.

With a retained search model, we have no competition in recruiting for a position. That allows us to name our clients publicly in adverts and when we conduct outreach to candidates. With an upfront amount paid; we can have all the necessary resources in place to recruit for your position and be able to retain the people and vendors that support us without fear of losing expensive resources by competing with other agencies without receiving payment. With that in mind, we are now offering a 6-month guarantee on any candidates we place.

In addition to recruitment, we also offer a custom recruitment process consultation and training for your internal recruitment team. We still see too many companies still relying on candidates to email them their resumes. There is a better, more efficient and easier way than that!

For candidates, we have rolled out a job search agent package as well. Since we know how to land a job, who the key stakeholders are and can edit resumes in our dreams, it's only natural that we develop this portion of the business. We also offer a resume review for only $20.

We hope the dust settles soon and things stabilize again. We are sure that things will not go back the way they were, but they will reconfigure in a way that's (hopefully) better for all of us. The rise of working remotely gives companies access to talent that needs to work from home for a variety of reasons. Managers are learning to trust their employees to get the job done even if they aren't their desks. This is exciting to us because trust and flexibility are key factors in employee retention. We welcome any additional changes that come our way and stay optimistic as we will prevail!

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