Don't Ignore Your Health For A Job

Thanks to this pandemic, it should be crystal clear that health is true wealth. All the money in the world doesn't matter if someone you love passes on. So, all the money in the world shouldn't cause you to ignore your health for the sake of a job. It's so easy to overeat, to indulge in the wrong foods, to say I'm too tired, I can't work out.

It's so easy to not stand your ground at work and call out bad behavior when you see it. It's so easy to work for a boss that gets angry, changes their minds every 2 minutes about a previously agreed upon project and just say, " sure thing"! It's being flexible and accommodating so you can pay bills, right? No. It's called enabling bad behavior or in some cases enabling the person in question to put off seeking treatment for a mental health condition. You cannot escape office politics and you cannot escape workplace conflict. Whenever you read a job description, include in qualification, "needs to be able to resolve conflict" and "manage up".


  • Boss snaps at you: Calmly state, "Are you having a bad day? Should I come back another time?" Most likely, people just want to feed their families and don't want to make waves, so no one stands up to them in a constructive way. This will throw them off guard and make them re-evaluate how they communicate.

  • You do your work as agreed upon and the boss gives you an undeserved critique? Take out notes with agreed-upon parameters or ask for examples of what happened that went against the prior agreement.

  • Catching a coworker gossip: address it calmly on the spot. The majority of advice says to ignore it. If that coworker has malicious intent, letting it go can mean destroying your character, reputation or a chance at a promotion. So, don't chance it.

  • Just for the record: I'm not going to deny that there are people that are truly racist, don't want to have a pregnant member on staff, don't want to deal with someone that needs time off when they get sick or any other type of situation that involves life events getting in the way of work. This is the real world and not everyone is professional or follows laws. As a college student, I tried to work selling comedy tickets while taking classes full time. I was told to put work first and not let school get in the way of my hours. Guess how long I lasted at that job?

However, always remain calm. That's the key. Confront calmly and don't take it personally. If you need to leave, leave. Try to leave with another job in place if you must. Don't talk negatively about your previous employer on interviews and be sure to get any issues worked out in therapy so it doesn't affect your life beyond the duration of the job. I talk with so many people who now have mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety, confidence issues, etc..And guess what? They still got laid off. They did everything and defied their dignity to keep their jobs. Supported bad bosses, toxic coworkers, impossible workloads. And still got laid off.

So, I'll leave you with this. Value You! Treasure You! Take care of You! People treat you how you allow them to treat you. If you need help getting a job, let me know! I work with amazing employers and advocate for my candidates always! Clients, if you need talent, I represent amazing talent! Stay safe and stay home :)

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