Demystifying the ATS

Gather round job seekers to know the real deal behind an ATS.

Recruiters want to get back to you.

That’s why there’s an ATS, an applicant tracking system in place most times. They cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands per year. To organize the process.

Imagine sitting there with hundreds or even thousands of resumes: it’s impossible to call each and every applicant.

It’s impossible to give each and every person feedback on why they weren’t selected.

The recruiter can filter out the applicable candidates based on a number of factors: keywords, radius, and education amongst other criteria pertaining to the position.

If there are questions at the beginning of the application, these are called knock-out questions which help filter out unqualified candidates.

A recruiter’s job is to match the best talent to the position per the hiring manager’s direction.

Apply early. Apply to jobs that you meet at least 60% of the qualifications and educational requirements.

Be honest.

Can you do the job and have the necessary experience/results to do it?

Find the recruiter’s email or hiring manager’s email after you apply. Let them know why you are interested and why you are a match.

Follow up.

You got this!!

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