Confidence & Competence

As a recruiter and career coach, I spend a lot of time having female clients voice their many accomplishments out loud.

In my experience, I have found that women, including myself, tend to downplay their strengths. I recently had a client with 8 years of management experience tell me she doesn't have management experience because that experience happened early in her career.

I had a very illustrious woman tell me that she was applying to junior-level roles because the bulk of her titles were junior-level. When I mirrored what she told me, she was taken back and had an aha moment.

Of course, there are systemic biases against women of color and Black women that our country's leadership and decision-makers across all industries must work to address in order to advance as a society.

With that being said, we women can still work on boosting our self-esteem, so that we can present ourselves fully and better advocate for ourselves. When you possess confidence in your skills and ability, the types of jobs you apply to changes, your mindset going into interviews changes, the salary you ask for changes, and your work-life balance changes.

Confidence matters as much as competence.

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